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Mechanical bee fly forward, only he knows where and why. Constant labyrinths of mechanical flowers, lasers and incomprehensible gizmos that he needs to get around, seem ruthless. So who will decide to help?

If you still decided to kill a ton of time in an empty, and you like to feel helpless, or just want to experience negative emotions and hatred of the developers, then arm yourself with a simple set of our tips:

  • Do not try to score points!
  • Some obstacles simply will not allow you to do this. Some levels can not be passed.
  • And in any case, do not try to collect honey in the end to buy yourself a new character and go all this way of pain and bullying again.
  • Never pick up bonuses that can make the game easier, because who needs a slow time, when you can break about an impassable obstacle and experience true suffering?)

Project Hive - do not even think about playing. 

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